Our Team

Pat Link

For the past 15 years, Pat has been recognized by Gallup as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach to assist others by using strengths-based development. Her passion is bringing value to individuals, partnerships, teams and organizations as they find meaning and purpose in what they are and what they do - making a difference in life and in business.


When life isn’t working out for an individual, or a business isn’t showing productivity which leads to a lack of profit, Pat will work with them to discover who they are designed to be, and then together develop a plan for what they should do to clarify and direct their course toward success and fulfillment in life and/or business.

During the last year we have been. . .

teaming up with local leaders in our community, LINK Coaching + Consulting has been offering various opportunities for personal development that have ranged from small groups to large group venues.

Have you or someone you've known struggled with the fact that life isn't working out the way they thought it would?  Maybe you or someone you know is in a dead end job/career but feel they can't take the time now to change anything?

Sensing your busy life is getting the best part of you?   These questions and more have been addressed as we entered into life topics and set out for a journey in personal development - consider joining us .