Black Friday is COMING!

What are you doing the Friday after Thanksgiving? Otherwise known as Black Friday - the biggest shopping day of the season, of the year! You do know that it's called Black Friday because it was the day that businesses looked forward to in hopes it would pull them out of the red.

I remember the good old days in the 80's when we stood in line to get the freebie GIFTS the stores gave us! Yes, cool stuff too. Fanny packs filled with more goodies and snow globes were a couple items that we were so excited to receive.

Last week I was out with some women who kept referring to the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. Over and over they called it that as they talked of the events of that day. Black Friday this, Black Friday that.... do calendars label that day Black Friday? I've always thought of it as the day after Thanksgiving/a vacation day I had to take from work so I could get ready for all the festivities ahead.

As you look to this Friday, find some time for you or maybe a special friend or family member you enjoy being with. Take the time to enjoy a good beverage and let your conversation just wander about topics you never think of. Wandering conversations can sometimes be the most fun and imaginative times of our lives!

Share what your plans are on Friday or if reading later - what did you do?

#BlackFriday #Self #Shopping

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