New Year + Preparations!

This week between Christmas and New Years means different things for different people. For me it’s always been a time of vacation from the office, a week of reflecting over the last year and looking towards opportunities I could create for the new year.

I usually go to a nice coffee shop a couple days and write down my goals that I would see for the coming year. Always looking towards my transformation. Transforming through changing the way I did tasks and traditions as well as the way I thought about life and work, including some soul searching too.

How about you?

As we approach the new year, Link Coaching + Consulting will be ready to support professionals and organizations to reach their goals for transforming and bringing about more impact in personal lives and business. Does this resonate with you? Contact us and we’ll talk about what you are wanting changed or improved.

Imagine life being different, less worries and less stress = Link Coaching + Consulting is waiting for you!

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