Why Coaching Pat?

For those people that don’t know me I get that question. But, for people that know me, I have always heard from them - “this is what you were born for!” Over the years I also received encouragement to “take it on the road.” So in February 2016, that’s what I did. I left the comfort of a full time vested career of 22 years to “take it on the road.”

Now the questions or comments I hear are more like, “I’m not sure what you do?” So I want to invite you into my passion, my purpose.

Gallup’s founder, George Gallup (1901-1984), had a great line, “There are 5 billion ways to lead a life, and we should study them all.” Well, today, there are 7 billion people and 7 billion ways to lead a life, and that’s Gallup’s goal, to coach them all.

As you know, I am associated with Gallup – where I received my first certification 12 years ago. My education and certification have continued through the years. In fact, last year I returned for more education and another certification. I’m in love with all the research + results they have done over all these years. That’s what continues to fuel my passion.

Don Clifton (1924-2003), the father of strengths psychology and inventor of CliftonStrengths, discovered that while people’s weaknesses rarely develop, their strengths develop infinitely. That’s what we focus on. Taking a person’s clusters of talents and developing them into strengths.

So, how does that connect with me and my business, Link Coaching + Consulting? Let me break it down to some different areas; individuals, partnerships, teams, organizations, and events.

Today, let’s look at individuals. What I’m sharing is through the lens of my passion, purpose, and beliefs. I believe that each of us was born with a “wiring.” Each of us is uniquely different, just as our fingerprints are each different from each other. We have been blessed with various talents. That’s where my coaching comes in.

My coaching is more like an adventure of with my clients. I serve the role as a guide and together we discover their hidden talents. Through our discussions about those talents we create a plan to develop those talents and build them into strengths that then is directed towards their goals and purpose. I’m so darn excited just explaining this to you!

How does a person get to the point of contacting a coach? Usually it’s when they (or the suggestion of friends) find life is passing them by. In a recent survey I hosted I found that no matter how positive or negative people’s lives may be, they find themselves “going through the motions” of life. In other words, drifting in life.

That’s where I can come in… Together we turn your drifting into discovery, development, and direction. The outcome? Clients living a life full of meaning, personally experiencing that they are valuable to this world and have the power to make an impact.

I’m here to talk – are you or anyone you know just drifting?

Next time, we will look at Partnerships, The Power of 2!

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