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Last communication you received from me introduced you to Link Coaching + Consulting and the “why” I went into this career. When I closed the article I stated we would discuss the “Power of 2” this time. Well, many of you gave me feedback that has led me to think you enjoyed the first writing and you want me to cover more on Individuals. You weren’t ready for me to move on.

So dear ones, let’s dive into us as individuals. . . Let me begin with one of my favorite stories. It was my first day at a new job. I showed up and met my new co-worker. She immediately liked me and soon assessed that she and I might become friends. So, part of our friendship meant that she would let me into her work world. She began by describing various people on our team. She warned me about some people, and others she had glowing reviews about. She wanted me, her new friend to have a success with my new co-workers.

When people describe other people to me I tend to view their descriptions into strengths and weaknesses. I’m not saying good points and bad points. Instead, the things they do well and the things they don’t. This helps me to build a profile of how they might be wired. Each of us has a different wiring, consisting of various talents, temperaments, behaviors. . . the list goes on. I don’t accept the viewpoint of the person telling the story as true facts, but that their view is processed through their filter, their lens.

My new co-worker didn’t realize that she has a lens that she looks through. Her lens is comprised of the way she is wired, including many attributes, one being her talents. She knows the other people are different than her, but their actions don’t make sense when she is different and processing their actions through her filter, her lens. She then concludes they must not be right and get labeled that way.

It only took us one day of working together that our conversations got deeper. My new co-worker watched and noticed my communication with these other people and how I got along with each of them. She asked many questions and I had fun sharing how I saw each person. She then began to learn things she hadn’t known before. Before long, she commented how much she enjoyed life now. Asking her why, she commented that the way she viewed people before was taxing on her emotionally and now, she has time to enjoy life and not get wrapped up with all the frustrations (otherwise known as drama) that came from misjudging people as she has in the past. She loved learning more about strengths and how they can help a person communicate more effectively.

Have you ever found that you spend time being frustrated with co-workers or maybe even family members? Link Coaching + Consulting can help you to find contentment without the frustrations. We can have one-to-one coaching sessions that might interest you, or maybe you have a group of friends that might enjoy a three week session where we all can get together as a group, learning about ourselves and each other.

Email us today with any questions or comments about today’s message.

Make it a great week!


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